Shopping For Kids? Go Online!

Kids and shopping in the same sentence are a nightmare, any parent with a toddler will vouch for it. While they love wearing new clothes, shopping for them is an entirely different ball game. Dragging them from one shop to another and getting them to try on the gazillion dresses that we think will make them look like super stars, when they are distracted by the mall’s gaming zone is a lost battle to begin with! Add to that the tantrums of a hungry toddler, and you have a full-fledged melt down just waiting to happen. Luckily for us, those are the by gone days. Thanks to the miracle of internet, shopping online for kids is the new maha mantra for most parents.

Here are our top 5 reasons shopping online for kids is the better way to shop:

  1. Shop from home sweet home: All you need is your child’s measurements, an internet connection, a computer/laptop/mobile/tablet and you are all set to shop like never before. With a click of the mouse you have access to the clothes from around the world. More variety than you could have ever imagined having at your nearby mall and that to in 1/10th the time. And all of it from the comfort of your home while the baby is happily napping.
  2. Time is money: There’s no doubt that online shopping saves time. It reduces the time spent on shopping by more than 50%. Imagine the numerous things you can do with all the time you saved. While it saves on time, online shopping also saves you from having to put up rubbing shoulders with the masses in the crowded malls and streets on a particularly hot or rainy day.
  3. Easy returns and refund: If not for anything else, this is the best reason to shop online. Most kids shopping portals have an easy return and refund policy, that too from your very door step. No more hassles of haggling with the shopkeeper and their no guarantee no return no refund policies. Just 1 call 1 mail, and the return is done from your doorstep.
  4. Money matters: There’s no doubt that online shopping has better discounts. All one needs to do is subscribe to their daily news and you will know precisely when the clothes and products on your wish list go on sale with heavy discounts. No need to keep running to the stores and bargain for discounts. Plus you save money on travelling, parking and the snacking that usually are a part and parcel of the shopping trips.
  5. Public poll: The best thing about online shopping is that you can read product reviews from parents all around. It will help you identify good products and steer clear of the not so good ones.

Millions of options, comfortable shopping from home, no bargaining, easy returns and refunds, save money, save time. And all this while you kid’s happily napping in the room! Shopping for kids redefined!