Reasons Behind Increase In Demand of Online Shopping

After the introduction of new technologies in the market, people are preferring online shopping rather than going out and visiting stores for the shopping. According to the survey conducted by Yahoo and Mindshare, has found that 31% people (Customer) prefer online shopping in order to save their time and Money. When we talk about the shopping behavior of Indian consumers, they generally get attracted towards the discounts and offers during the shopping and this is the main strategy which most of the online companies are opting to increase the online traffic on their sites.

Online shopping has its own benefits in terms of saving time and Money. There are so many players in the online market which are providing online shopping services in the market. When we talk about the marketplace, It works according to the proper product sales cycle which includes the wholesalers, Distributors, and sellers, which affect the selling cost of the products and which leads the high cost of the product because each one of them keeps their own margin money out of it. So ultimately when the product reaches to the end users it costs high to them. But when we talk about the online shopping that is the main factor that there is less involvement of the people involved in that product sales cycle. There are only Manufacturer and online seller who work for the less commission and helps to reduce the price of the product. So when we compare product price we generally find a big difference between price (Online product & Market product).

So we can save our Money by doing online shopping. The Best thing into online shopping is , different discount offers and it is an opportunity for a buyer that he can explore different offers by different online shopping site and select the best one which is not possible in shopping at marketplace, because generally, there are only seasonal discount in shops they don’t provide any offers on daily purchase. So Most of the people prefer online shopping for discounts.

Another Reason that people goes for online shop due to the various options available on the same platform. There so many players who offer products of so many brands at the same time which helps the consumers to compare the product and select the best option out of it. So having so many options on the same platform has made the online shopping more demanding in the market.

Saving time is another reason that most of the people are using online shopping option. All the factors which we have discussed in this article are very much influential for the online shopping but when we talk about the Time saving factor. This is the factor which is very much influential to the online shopping because, in this hectic life, most of the people do not have time to visit marketplace for daily need product and for that, online shopping is the best option for shopping of such product and which is affecting the demand for the online shopping . When we see the working pattern of the online stores that maximum stores got the tie-ups with local grocery stores and they are selling their product with different offers which are profitable for both of them, it saves the storage cost for the online seller and cost of marketing for the store owner, and consumers gets product at reasonable price.